Václav Greif


Timbasa is …“my way of living“.

Václav is a pianist focused mainly on jazz, afrocuban music and flamenco. He composes most of the Timbasa music.

Graduate of VOŠ Jaroslava Ježka jazz school in Prague as a saxophone player and jazz pianist won Amico Rom prize on prestigious international competition in Italy. In 2007 he led year-long seminary of improvisation in the Conservatory of Pilsen, in 2008 on the Faculty of education (University of West Bohemia)

He is studying afrocuban folklore and roots of modern cuban music and working with artist such as Ronaldo Luna, Ivan Lewis Melon, Alain Perez, Tony Rodriguez, Manley Piri Lopez.

„Animal planet“, was the name given to him directly on the stage by phenomenal cuban singer Mayito Rivera, who was surprised by his efficiency to improvize and his art.