Robert Fischmann


Timbasa is …“timba con funk“.

Graduate as a flute player of Prague Conservatory, student of František Malotín. During the studies on Faculty of arts in Charles university he began to focus on nonclassical genre of music and improvisation.

He was a member of groups so different such as Linha Singers or Irish Dew.

Nowadays he is a member of Neřez, Bran, accompanying group of Marie Rottrová and jazz band Marek Novotný Kvintet.

On a regular basis Robert is a guest artist of Concept Art Orchester or sextet of organist Brian Charrett. As a studio player he was a part of many project from pop, jazz, folk or classical music, where he can apply his interest in ethnic flutes. Robert is composing music for the movies and television, for example for a czech series “Vinaři”.