Michael Cába


Timbasa is …“a dream that became the truth“.

Beginning of Michael’s musical forming is related to his childhood in the family of jazz bass guitarist Karel Cába. His major focus in jazz has gradualy changed to the fascination with the latin-american rhythms and flamenco.

He has learnt from the amazing artists: Angel „Cepillo“ Sánchez, Yuvisney Aguilar Rojas, Pedro Pablo Mireles, Manley El Piri Lopez, Calixto Oviedo, Yomar Amador Morejón. During his internships in Cuba he studied and learnt from the leading cuban musicians (El Panga, Marvin Diz, Rodney Barretto, Guilermo del Toro Varela, Luis Chacon Koky, Riveron, Maximino).

He comped Carlos Piňana, Gema Caballero, Ramon Martinez, Ismael Fernandez, Jesus Corbacho and other world known artists. Even though he is working on various porjects with jazz, swing, funky, pop or reggae artists, his biggest passion is still latin-american music and flamenco.