Dušan Černák


Timbasa is …“timba con funk“.

Young slovak drummer, that became reputable and demanded artist. Dušan was formally educated at Bratislava classical conservatory and VOŠ Jaroslava Ježka jazz school in Prague afterwards.

He soon became a part of jazz, alternative and electronic music scene and participated in many recordings. Collected many award such as 1st place on Junior Jazz contest with the group Quattro Formaggi as well as the prize for the best solist 2 years after first gain prize in the same contest.

He is best known for his work with Eduardo Borsuci in Optima Forma, Rene Trossman blues band, Quattro Formaggi, CCTV Allstars, or Limbo. Dušan already played with some of the world famous musicians including Mark Aanderud, Tony Lakatosh, Oran Etkin, Sabir Mateen, Martha Gallaraga, Gilad Atzmon, or Joel Frahm to name a few.

Few of his current projects: Tryptych, Quattro Formaggi, Limbo, Cirilic, Jaroslav Šimíček Quartet, Wunderbar Band.

Endorsements:Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, Kytary.cz , GD Custom drums, Balbex drumsticks.